#1 Trusted Professional Window Tinting Service in Auckland

Window Tints is an NZ owned and operated window tinting company based in Auckland. We specialise in home window tinting, office window tinting & car window tinting and have over 15 years of experience in the industry. DIY tinting and having your windows tinted by non-professionals is an option but often results in lacklustre results. Auckland enjoys many sunny days over the year, however, the UV radiation levels from the sun are some of the highest in the world giving NZ the highest instance of skin cancer (Melanoma) in the world.

Our window films block out 99.9% of UV rays thus protecting you, your family and your belongings from the harsh NZ sun. Not only that, window tints can be used to maximise privacy, minimise their electricity bills and improve the look of your home, vehicle or office. We offer a variety of films as part of our window tinting services for both buildings (residential & commercial) as well as vehicles, including 3M film, Huper Optik, Solar Gard. anti-graffiti films and security films to suit your needs. We offer our window tinting services to customers across Auckland, from Manukau in South Auckland to Helensville in West Auckland, to Warkworth in the North and Beachlands in East Auckland. We offer a quick turnaround and up to 10 years workmanship and product guarantees.




Window tints will reduce the amount of heat absorbed into your home, office or car by up to 84% thus making it more comfortable to live and drive in. The heat rejection properties of the window tinting films we use will keep you comfortable and save you money.



Thus keeping your building warmer in winter and cooler in summer and saving you money on your energy bills.



UV light can bleach and damage your skin, carpet and furniture and can also be harmful to you and your family. Our window tints cut out 99% of UV light thus protecting both.

Perfect for when you don’t want a good view to be ruined by glare especially in waterfront property where glare comes both from the sea and the sky. The UV and glare reduction properties also make for a more comfortable drive in your vehicle.



We have been in the mobile window tinting business for over 10 years and have since applied film to 1000's of homes and offices since. Our professional window tinters come out to your site and will have your window tints applied in no time. Our window tinting prices start from just $900 for a standard 3 bedroom house and from $50/window for car window tinting. The window films we use and our work is backed by an anti bubbling guarantee making us one of Auckland's favourite window tinting companies.