At Window Tints NZ, we are mobile window tinting specialists that can come to your house and apply window tints to your car. Tinting prices start from $50/window. Our turnaround time is quick because we pre-cut our window sections for quick application. Get in touch with us with the make and model of your car for a quick quote.

Glare reduction

Solar glare can cause your eyes to strain. This can be especially dangerous on road trips when you need to stay fresh and pay attention to the road. Our window films have excellent heat and glare rejection which reduces the amount of glare inside your car. This makes driving a lot easier and stress-free.

Reduce fading

By cutting out 90%+ of UV light and a lot of infrared rays, our window tints will improve the longevity of your car's interior by preventing bleaching and fading.

Extra privacy

Keep your belongings in your car out of sight of the prying eyes of thieves with our dark window tints. Not only will they keep prying eyes at bay, they also minimise heat absorption during summer, thus making for a more comfortable ride.

Strengthens glass

Window tints keep the window pane together in case of a break in or impact, thus preventing glass shards from going everywhere. This extra protective layer makes it harder for someone to break in as well as keeps you and your passengers safer in case of a car crash.

Quality guaranteed

Most window tints and safety forms come with a 10-year warranty which covers bubbling, peeling and other distortions that may arise.

View some of our most popular window tinting films below


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The only films allowed on front windscreens are anti-glare bands that extend no lower than the bottom of the sun visor when lowered, and stone guards on trucks and buses. On any passenger car (Class MA vehicle), the darkest legal tint is 35% VLT* on all windows, including the front side windows (on either side of the driver), rear windows, side rear windows and back windows. Please note that a station wagon has the same classification as a car. Vans, 4WD's and SUV's can have any degree of dark tint behind the driver's door, but the limit of 35% remains the same for the front side windows.

*VLT stands for visual light transmittance. The amount of visible light that passes through a vehicle's window is measured as a VLT percentage. The lower the VLT percentage, the darker the film. Clear glass has a VLT of approximately 85%.

Vehicles like stretch limousines or hearses have the same restrictions on the windscreen and front side windows, but can have any VLT level of film applied to the rear, side rear and back windows. Any vehicle with a film applied to a window that is further back than the driver's seat must have external rear view mirrors on each side.

Vehicles with factory tinted glass may have lower than 35% VLT. In these instances, each window is marked as AS3 glass. Mirror film or partial mirror film is not allowed in any vehicle.

Windows can be checked by using a calibrated VLT meter or by using a 35% VLT card, which is available from WFAANZ. WFAANZ installers use labels to certify the VLT level as being no less than 35%. For clarification, simply visit your local WFAANZ window film installer as they will advise you on the most suitable and legal film for your needs.

For more information please visit the Land Transport website,



The darkest legal tints on the market, these cut out 99% of UV light and have excellent heat rejection functionality and keep prying eyes at bay
The film is durable and has excellent fade resistance and is our most popular tint on offer.


These tints have high reflectivity and are perfect for those who crave privacy. Theyl offer the same protection from the sun and help reduce the amount of UV and Infrared rays from entering your vehicle as the 35% tints.
While they allow slightly more light than the 35% tints to enter your car they don't do so at the expense of your privacy and achieve a perfect balance between style and functionality.


These tints blend the black and chrome styles together. The chrome finish on top helps reflect more of the suns rays away from the car, while the black tint helps with heat reduction and increased privacy. This blend adds a unique look to your vehicle. The tints themselves are more subtle than our 20% and 35% tints so complete privacy is not achievable with these tints but they're enough to keep cursory glances at bay.