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Window Tinting FAQ's

1How long does window film last before it needs to be replaced?
This depends on the type of window film that you have installed generally they last for between 10 to 20 years before they need to be replaced. Are window tinting guarantees last for 10.
2Do your window tinting films come with UV protection?
Yes all the films that we use filter out harmful UV rays.
3Is window tinting expensive?
Applying window tint film is cheaper than having your glasses frosted or having them replaced with safety glass. This makes window tinting a cost-effective alter to the above. Not only that but the savings you make on your power bill and savings you make by not having to replace your furniture and carpet outweigh the cost of window tint installation.
4Can window film be applied to all types of glass?
Yes we can apply window film to all types of Glass including double glazed windows.
5Will window tint cut out the natural light that enters my building?
This depends on the type of window film you have applied to your windows. If using clear window film then all the light will come through minus the harmful UV rays. If applying dark, tinted, reflective film, then some natural light will be cut out but it will not fully darken interior of your building. We have different levels of dark window tint which can suit your needs.
6What protection does window film provide when it comes to Broken Glass?
When broken window film keeps your broken pain together rather than having it shatter everywhere. Shattered pieces of glass can be dangerous to your family, employees and pet.
7Does your application process damage my windows?
No we do not use any harmful chemicals or adhesives that may cause lasting damage to your property.
8Are there any special requirements when it comes to cleaning the tints?
After letting the address of bond for 10 days there is no special requirement when it comes to cleaning the windows. Simply clean them as you usually would with a microfiber cloth and some detergent or window cleaner.
9How long does it take for the window tinting process to be completed?
The complete installation process will take a few hours but it really depends on the scope of the job. By preparing all the materials beforehand we make sure that we minimise disruption to your life.