Types of window tinting film we use

What it's used for: Reflective coating for privacy, heat reduction.

Metalised film contains a layer of metal within the construction. They are excellent at reflecting heat and have a shiny, reflective appearance. Being metallic, they can interfere with cell and GPS signals. They are much more reflective than other types of film and are thus perfect for areas where heat absorption is an issue.

They are generally made up of five layers of which the metallic layer is one. There are also two adhesive layers, one for the surface that attaches to the window and one within the film itself to keep the components together. This film composite also contains the standard anti UV layer which all our films on offer possess as well as a hard coat outer layer to keep scratches to a minimum.

We carry Metalised film from brands such as 3M, Raynor and SolarGard. We can order other film depending on your requirements.

We currently have Black Chrome by 3M, Quantum by SolarGard and Infinity by Suntek in stock.
Low-E film (low-emissivity film) is a thin polyester film with a micro-thin, transparent metal coating. It is stuck directly to your existing glass to reflect radiant heat - either from outside or inside - which reduces the amount of energy you need to heat or cool your home.

It can be used as a replacement for double glazing due to its insulative properties. These insulative properties of this kind of film do however result in condensation on the inside due to the inside layer being cooler than the outside. We recommend that low E film is complemented with an HRV or similar ventilation system in areas of high internal moisture, especially during winters.
Ceramic films have low reflectivity but provide high clarity and high UV and infrared protection. They are highly durable and do not interfere with cellphone and GPS signals.The 3M range of ceramic films come with an extended 15-year warranty.

Rejects up to 80% of the sun's infrared light Rejects up to 59% of the heat coming through windows Blocks 99% of UV rays, significantly reducing fading of furnishings Films allow 30% to 50% of the natural light into the space Sun Control Films by 3M (Source)
Window film that comes with an additional fortified layer and stronger adhesive to make it harder for a window to be broken. These films are very good at keeping a window together after it is broken or cracked to prevent easy access to your property. Also, it prevents the glass from shattering and getting everywhere thus becoming a safety hazard. Security film is often found in store windows, schools and other areas that are at risk of suffering break-ins or window damage.
This type of film doesn't necessarily have to come with any reflective coating or UV protection layers as it is just to serve as a protective barrier between the glass and would be vandals.

Simple plastic film is the cheapest of them all as it is to serve as a disposable layer in case someone vandalises your windows. However, where heat, privacy or UV exposure is an issue, then any of the other films can be used in order to protect your windows.
We are window tinting specialists that apply window tint films for both residential as well as commercial properties in the Auckland area. Having your windows tinted professionaly have multiple benefits, some of which are listed below. Give us a call for a free quote and our Auckland based window tinting experts will have you sorted in no time.


Extra privacy

Our privacy films allow in natural light while keeping passers-by from looking into your house. We use ceramic films with fully reflective finishes for this purpose.

Temperature control

Reflective window tints can keep out almost 80% of the suns heat does lowering your air conditioning costs. Over winter the reflective film will act as a barrier and prevent heat from escaping from your building thus helping you reduce your heating bills too. While these films don't prevent condensation, they do cut out infrared light to keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It can be used as an alternative to double glazing but not for a ventilation system like an HRV. We use climate control series film by 3M.

Added safety & security

Will use security film that complies with New Zealand standards of building. These safety films keep the glass from shattering in case of break-ins or storms. It is cheaper to have these films added to your glass rather than buy and have freshly installed safety glass. Security form is a good addition to your children's room as it protects them from glass splinters should the window break. We use Armorcote safety film and vinyl bonded film with a frosting option. This film meets NZ safety standards and is used everywhere from homes, schools, dairies and anywhere where safety is a priority.

Protect your furniture and carpet from fading.

The suns UV Ray's can bleach and trade your carpet and your furniture within your house. By installing our window films you will save yourself the cost of replacing these often. we use solar film or nano ceramic reflective film which cuts out UV rays as well as Infrared light to prevent fading of fabric, leather, furniture etc.

Protection from UV rays

New Zealand has one of the highest instances of skin cancer in the world thanks to the extremely high rate of UV rays coming through the ozone layer. Our solar tints cut out over 99% of the UV rays thus keeping you and your family safe.

Frosted privacy film

This can be used as internal partitions within your house or can be used in instances when you want natural light to come in but one-sided privacy for the room. These are often used in bathrooms.

Anti Fog film

Steam and temperature differences can often cause condensation and steam to fog up your windows and glass. By adding Anti Fog film to your windows you can prevent this. While this film is not an alternative to an HRV system and does still result in condensation, it can be used as an alternative to double glazing within your home.


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Glare reduction

Glare from the sun can make it difficult to view computer screens and also causes eye fatigue. Closing blinds or curtains block out natural light but can increase your lighting bill. Glare reduction films reduce the glare and allow natural light to stream into your office or building.

Combat fading in stores

Retail stores often have the problem of the sun fading clothing items in the shop window. This is due to the UV rays bleaching the colours of the items. All our window tints cut out over 99% of UV rays thus preventing your items from fading.

Extra privacy

Our commercial privacy films protect your office or business from inquisitive eyes whilst letting in natural light. These are perfect for ground floor offices.

Decorative tints and internal privacy partitions

When looking to create internal partitions within your office while allowing natural light to flow through it getting decorative tints is a good idea. They give the glass of frosted appearance allow natural light to pass through while enhancing the appearance of your premises.

Anti graffiti film

Extra anti graffiti film over your existing glass will bear the brunt of any graffiti or scratching. Then rather than having your window replaced you just need to have the film replace for a fraction of the cost.

Quality guaranteed

Most of our window tints and safety films come with a 10-year warranty which covers bubbling, peeling and other distortions that may arise.